Hilton Head Island Surprise Engagement: Hilton Head Island, South Carolina | Hilton Head Island Wedding Photographer

Hilton Head Island Engagment

Where do I even begin with this blog and reliving everything about that weekend! Last month I got to play a part in a secret proposal for one of my dear friends, Macy. Remember when I visited the Smoky Mountains back in April for an elopement? Well that is where the planning all began! Logan, Macy’s now fiancé pulled me aside and asked if I’d come capture their proposal…to say I was honored was an understatement. Macy had a few requests when she put a bug in Logan’s ear about proposing: she wanted to be surrounded by her closest family and friends, have a photographer to capture the moment and of course have her nails done. From April on, myself and all my Tennessee girlfriends set off to plan this awesome engagement weekend. 

We usually take a yearly girls trip and this year we pitched to do it earlier because of all our busy schedules and the ploy that I wanted to submit some beachy styled elopement photos to a southern wedding magazine (wink wink) to keep Macy from getting suspicious as we normally go late Fall before the holidays. Well after months of secretive planning we set off to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina on labor day weekend. 

We arrived a few days ahead of the boys and did our normal girls trip festivities of going to the beach (getting fried to a crisp enter this girl!), seeking out the best taco and tequila places and enjoying each others company. We sneakily got Macy to get a manicure even though she questioned our push to go to the nail salon so badly. When proposal day arrived we all played things off as normal even though we were all about to burst from the nerves and excitement! Events leading up to getting to the beach proved to be interesting as we locked both the car and house keys inside the house only 10 minutes before go time. This lead to a covert mission of trying to get back into our condo frantically, contacting the boys and trying our best to not bust the surprise. Keys were acquired and we headed to the beach where I got the girls set up facing the ocean for a few test shots while the boys and family came in behind us and well the rest I’ll let the pictures tell the story. I think its safe to say we pulled off one stellar surprise! I am so thankful to have been a part of such a special moment with my second family.

Cheers to you Macy & Logan! 

Kleigh Orzolek